Problems with authority…

So, I have a little problem with authority.

Just a little one.

I really can’t stand it when someone tries to tell how to live my life. I don’t get how some people just accept the little demands and orders throughout the day.

I literally cut 3 inches of my hair off after my boyfriend jokingly told me I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair cause he liked it longer.

I stayed out all night because my parents tried to tell me, at 19 (a young adult who worked full-time and paid my bills), that I couldn’t stay out all night on a Friday night.

I got a tattoo because my grandmother hates them.

I refuse to get married because that’s what everyone in my family expects of me.

I have literally lived my life looking people dead in the eyes and doing the exact thing they just told me not to. Why should I have to listen to your rules when you don’t apply them to yourselves?

Why tie yourself to someone else’s expectations? Nothing is holding you back except your opinion of someone else. Who cares what your mom expects or your boss or your sister or you spouse or your mentor? You have to set your own deadlines and goals and expectations and tell them to fuck off.

The only person you share your headspace with is you. Don’t disappoint you. Disappoint everyone else because they put you on a pedestal. But don’t disappoint yourself.



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