Student life: Planning…

No one asks me anything often. Especially about school. Other than ‘When are you going to be done with school? (insert snide sneer)’. Whenever I damn well please, Karen. (there’s no Karen, just needed a name).

But seriously, so many people are out there sharing this and that about how they do school and work and a social life and extracurricular and etc, etc. All I’m saying is that it’s incredibly improbable that all these people are actually so booked up and meticulously planned out for the next 8 years of their life.

Cause I call bullshit.

The best laid plans are always upset. Always.

So is it impossible to be completely organized and planned out? Sure. That’s why I follow the backup-plan method. As in, you make a backup plans to all your regular plans. Especially where those plans can fall through.

For example:

If my plan is to graduate in four years using a full ride scholarship, I call this plan A. Therefore, if my scholarship falls through I have a plan B to have a part-time gig to help cover costs and save money.

Then, I keep planning for all the major variables that can fall through or change, to keep myself from being surprised or knocked off track.

But even planning like this can’t take into account those unplanned events (deaths, marriages, running from the law, etc.).

So all those people who preach about their plans and all those kids who graduate 5 years early, they’re bullshitting you.

I’m not going to preach that my plans are better than anyone else’s. I’m just here to vgive you the honest truth. Besides, if my shit was so good, do you think I would be working for slightly-better-than-minimum at a retail giant? No. Wasting my life in retail and almost failing out of college was not my life plan.

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