Working Retail: What to do when you feel like quitting…

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I can offer only a few words of advice on this. Mostly because of the fact that the last three times this issue has come up, I’m rejected my own advice. So maybe one of you will have more common sense than me.

Quit. Just quit and move on.

Maybe you’re the overly responsible type like me and just can’t quit. So what do you do now?

Step 1: Find a new job. Seems hard and scary, but it will save you the headaches and emotional detachment that comes with working retail. Take advantage of having days off in the middle of the week to get interviews. Take advantage of the fact that you have some of the best customer service experience out there and people will kill for that. Take advantage of the fact that you can have flexible hours and can work well with others (if on paper).

Step 2: Quit. Just like that. Put in your two weeks if you’d like, but honestly, if you burn that bridge on the way out of the door, you’ll be less likely to want to return to that hellpit that is retail.

It’s that easy. I promise. The hard part comes in finding another job and worrying that job is going to be just as bad as a retail job.

Just have a little faith that anything will be better than retail. How do I know?
I’ve worked so many other places and retail is by far the worst. So don’t worry when an equally-shitty job pops up. Anything that can get you out is a win.

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