Working Retail: Job Hunting

I think you can figure out where this post is going.

Job hunting while you already work retail.

How do you avoid another retail position?

How do you break out of a retail cycle of bouncing between retail to retail to fast food to retail to food service to fast food to retail etc?

How is it even possible?

That’s where I come in. I’ve done job hunting. I’m sure we all have. But how do you get out of the hellhole of retail?

Start simple. Sign up on a job board, like Indeed, and keep your eyes peeled. Be patient. As soon as something even remotely plausible comes up, apply.

How do you know if you are even remotely qualified for a job?

Little tip: doesn’t matter, apply anyways. The worst that can happen is they don’t call back. The best that can happen is they have you come in for an interview.

Apply for anything and everything that comes in and fits your schedule.

And what if you do get an interview? Go. Schedule it as soon as you can. If this means calling in for a day, do it. If you’re job searching, then obviously this place hasn’t done right by you and you don’t really owe them anything.

Does it suck? Sure. It sure fucking sucks. But sometimes to get better, to be in a better place, you have to go through some shit.

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