Witchcraft 101: Honoring your story…

Hello my little witchings!

I know it’s been a while and I want to say two things.

For everyone who has still been visiting, thank you so much for your support. And for everyone that has been patiently waiting for me to come back, thank you as well.

The past few months have really highlighted how toxic my situation had become with my self talk, my work environment, and my goals. I took some time away to really think about what I’ve been wanting out life and I think I know now.

Honoring your story is the way you look at your own story and decide that you are still worth it despite all the trials and struggles you’ve faced. For several months now, I’ve been focusing on my story and working to honor the past I have. I’ve been, frankly, depressed about how my life has turned out and I’m not even 25 yet!

I visited an old friend this past April, and they told me exactly what I needed to hear; that I’ve been trying too hard to be responsible and I haven’t let myself live or have fun. And that I should focus on doing things for me.

So I took the time to look for a new job in the industry I want to work in and I started looking for a way out of retail. And I finally did it. I found a job at a veterinary clinic and I found a way out of working in retail. And my mental health has never been better.

I know my story is… boring and typical. I know my story hasn’t been written fully, neither the ending or the beginning has been laid out for you dear readers. But I know that the journey I’ve been on has taught me hard lessons I needed to learn.

Honoring your story is understanding that some days are going to be hard, and the version of you you wish you could be might never come true. But it also means that the hard days are meant to help you grow, the missed opportunities and missed connections are for a reason, and the you you want to be is everchanging and growing as you change and grow.

Honoring your story is forgiving yourself, which is still something I am actively working on.

Honoring your story is being your first line of support in heartache and victory.

When you honor your story, you are drawing connections to your past to forge your future.

I won’t lie to you. The last year has been the hardest I have lived through and not just because of Covid. In two weeks I’ll turn 24. Last year, I spent my birthday sitting on my couch getting drunk and mourning the version of me I thought I should’ve been if everything had been different. I still mourn that version of me. I know now that this version of me is the version I need to be. But it’s hard to reconcile your dreams with the reality of your situation sometimes. But that’s why we need to honor our stories and honor each other’s stories as well.

If you want to tell your story and get it out, please feel free to do so in the comments. Or send me a message via my contact page or on Instagram. I know telling my story to others has helped me gain insight to my own journey and if you have no one you can tell, tell me; I won’t post anything sent in confidence.

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