My Tarot Decks

Here are some of my decks I’ve collected so far!

This is my first deck: I got it for like $10 on Amazon when I was still questioning if I even wanted to learn Tarot. Unfortunately, I didn’t realsize that it was a deck written in Chinese, which I cannot read. But the holographic overlay is pretty cool and the deck uses the traditional Rider-Waite illustrations, so it could be worse. And the size of the deck is for beginners because its larger than a regular card deck, but smaller than a standard Tarot deck, so it was easy to practice shuffling with.

And this is my good deck, my pride and joy, my never gets abused and never will be mishandled deck. It’s the Sante Muerte deck from Fabio Listrani. It’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s vibrant, I hold this deck and I swear I can feel magic! It’s just gorgeous, the cards are a great weight, the finish is great for shuffling and honestly, I know there’s going to more decks out there that catch my eye, but this will always be my first Tarot love.

Here are some of the decks I want in the future!

Right now, nothing has caught my eye, but let me know if you see someing amazing! Check back soon!

I’m also willing to buy your old decks! If you have old decks you want to send on their way, hit me up! I want to see what is hiding out there that may have never been seen before.