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Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 10, 2020


It’s a good thing I’m off today, I dropped half my deck all over the floor this morning when I was trying to shuffle! So no matter what card I get today, I’m definitely taking a nap today and drinking lots of tea! Self-care is important and that means sometimes you need take a break from pushing yourself so hard.

Looks like today is the Ten of Pentacles! We’ve had a lot of Pentacles pop up this week, so hopefully we can see a little more variety next week. Or I just need to work on my shuffling.

Tens represent the end of a cycle, the conclusion of journey, the transformation that comes from finishing your journey. Pentacles represent materialism and wealth.

What I love about this deck is each of the Tens has an illustration front and center of a butterfly, which really nails down the idea of the metamorphosis someone goes through if they follow the journey through the Tarot (each suit, Minor and Major Arcana, follow different journeys through the human experience).

When this card pops up, its usually to represent the end of your journey with wealth; you’ve put in the hard work and now the culmination of your work is coming to you. This could be that you no longer worry about your bank account being empty, or you now feel confident in you own abilities at work. Tens are always a positive card showing that the journey you’ve taken is over now and you can reap the benefits of growth.

For today, let’s take away the fact that we’ve worked hard this week and we’re near the end of our journey. For many, we’re near the end of the workweek and for some, that means payday! For some, like me, it’s my day off after a long work week and I’m ready to relax and recoup. Maybe you’ve made great strides in becoming financially independent this week. Whatever the case, let’s celebrate our success and the battles we’ve won so far.

So far we’ve pulled these cards:

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