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Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 23, 2020


This week is just trudging along! I cannot wait until this weekend where I have my first weekend day off in almost 2 years! But I am going to so enjoy it.

Today is the Four of Cups. This is honestly a bit of a depressing card to look at. We see a poor guy, pouring out his liquids into the street. Obviously, we know that this is just a physical representation of his emotions, but still. Really sad. And weird.

Four represent stability and structure. However, the more and more we see the Fours, they seem to be very depressing and, without being able to think of another word, human. Fours show some of humanity’s darkest sides; depression, greed, death. But we can always grow from what seems to be the darkest sides of humanity. Cups are emotions.

For today’s lesson, we should take away that we are not stable emotionally. With the world actively crumbling around us, I don’t think anyone has an adequate handle on their emotions. We need to learn how to cope better with stressors and processing our more volatile emotions like anger, rage, and grief. Some people are not channeling these emotions effectively and some are channeling them into the wrong kind of coping mechanism. Drinking, smoking, partying; in excess, these things can lead to an inability to cope with emotions in a healthy manner.

So go home tonight and cry, scream into your pillows, meditate, write your feelings out, find your stressors and craft a plan to deal with them more effectively.

Here’s the running tally:

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