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Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 25, 2020


Today’s draw is one of those draws where the card kept popping out at me when I was shuffling. So we’re having a pop-up card today! They say that the cards that pop out when you’re shuffling have a special message for you. I only listen when they pop out more than once, since I have a problem handling the decks with my baby hands; so if they pop out once for me I assume I’m bad at shuffling, if they pop out twice, then it’s probably a sign.

Today we have another court card! I’m happy we finally have a more balanced mix of of the suits since we were going on mostly Swords and Pentacles for the last week.

Today is the Page of Cups. Cups, which we are slowly becoming more familiar with now, are emotions and the heart. Pages are one of the court cards where they can represent several things. When used as a signifier, they represent a young person, like a child. Outside of signifying cards, they represent how a child views the world; where the Queens are used to show creation and fruition, Pages are the wonder and enjoyment of the world.

The take away for today, is to look at the world with a fresh heart. How can we do that? Let’s all start small; let’s appreciate the flowers and the sunset and the butterflies again with easy appreciation. Don’t look at the rest of today with a cynical eye, don’t say to yourself, there will always be another it’s not that special. One day there won’t be another. One day, you may see your last butterfly, last daffodil, last sunset. Appreciate it all today as though you are seeing it for the first time. We live in such a fast-paced, hustle and bustle world, we need to take just a moment and enjoy the little things that we know bring nothing but pleasure. Eventually, we can stop being so coldhearted and cruel to each other, if only we take a little time to remember we’re all on the same planet.

(I’m not denouncing anything like the rightful rage against the system and the those in power, all I’m saying is that you have to have something besides anger to keep you warm at night or you’ll end up much too cold with no one else to light a fire in you.)

So far we’ve pulled:

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