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Daily Tarot Draw: Oct. 19, 2020


The last week has been oh so busy with me prepping for a costume party which I’m hosting, neglecting school work to try to clean up my backyard, and just general running myself into the ground with school and work. I hadn’t even realized that a week had passed between this post and well, the last post! I guess the old phrase should be rewritten as ‘time flies when you’re busy out the ass with countless tasks and an unbearable work load’.

On to the card!

Today’s card is the Wheel of Fortune. I’m seriously considering that this deck is literally just Major Arcana cards and Swords at this point. At least it keeps it interesting and we haven’t had a repeat card. This little break in posting has also given me the time to look at decks and assess my budget for the giveaways so I can get you all something amazing!

The Wheel of Fortune is the 11th card in the Major Arcana. It is the middle of the cycle of the Major Arcana suit. Many see this card as a card of fortune and luck. I actually see this card as a ‘the world keeps on turning’ card.

Now, the vibes I get from this particular card, and it may just be from this deck, but I feel that this is a card to say you’re in the middle of it all now and it’s going to keep coming. And that’s not a bad thing but it’s not a good thing; it’s very much neutral. I’m not sure how many of you have heard of existentialism, but I get the vibe from this card that it is very much existential; you are here, you exist, and your journey is not done yet.

Knowing that this is the tail end of what can be described as our worst year of existing yet, and personally, I’m drowning in school work and house work and money work and haven’t even had time for spell work! But I suppose that’s how life works from time to time. We just have to keep working and rolling through it until we can get to an oasis or meadow where we can rest appropriately and fully, and regain our balance and heading.

So far we’ve pulled all of these cards:

CupsPentaclesSwordsWandsMajor Arcana
The Wheel of Fortune
The Lovers
The Star
The Tower

We’re a little over 30% ways through the whole deck, so sign up now for the giveaways, then you’ll be ready when have our drawing for the Daily Draw Giveaway. Sign up here!

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