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Witchcraft 101: What is Grounding


In these tough times, the hardest thing to do is keep your senses and your mind clear enough to actually make a difference in the world.

Between the world recovering from a pandemic to the current the current political and racial tensions plaguing American, anyone who feels emotions heavily is feeling drained. You don’t need to by an empath to even feel drained from the constant hits this year keeps bringing.

The easiest thing you can do as a witch during these trying times is to ground yourself and ground yourself often.

Grounding is the process of connecting yourself to the earth. Grounding is what you do to help get your emotions and thoughts in order, especially before going into figurative battle against the Karens at your workplace or the injustice in the world. I think of grounding as the literal reminder to come back down to earth and be in your body instead of being stuck in your head; while many problems need to be thought about to come up with a solution, overthinking can plague us with fatigue, overwhelm, directionlessness, unnecessary anxiety, and undue stress. (Take it from me, as someone who is a chronic overthinker)

Grounding can be a part of meditation and is useful for centering yourself and knowing how you want to proceed through a task or obstacle.

You can ground during daily meditation sessions or whenver you feel overwhelmed with everything.

The easiest way to ground is to literally just find some ground and take a few minutes to breath. Many people have access to gardens or parks of some kind; grounding should become a part of your rituals and practices because it can help you regain focus on your thoughts and help you ground your energy back to you.

Why should you ground? Why is grounding so important?

Grounding is the first step before any spellwork; you should always be aware of your emotional state before starting spellwork or any magic working. If you focus on the wrong emotion during a spell, it won’t work or it won’t work as intended. Grounding is also a good way to decompress after a stressful day or stressful situation by helping you focus.

Many ground by just sitting or touching earth of some kind. Maybe you can do this during a meditation session, during a daily gardening session, or during something like a yoga routine every day. You can ground anytime of day, day or night, sunlight or moonlight, whatever temperature (as long as you’re being safe! Be wary of temperature extremes!)

Grounding is something that takes a bit of practice, like meditation; while an easy and cheap thing to pick up as a new witch, it does take some practice to understand how your energy feels before and after. I like to repeat mantras to myself while grounding; like in meditation, it can help a busy mind settle down and focus on one topic. Grounding is also a great way to help with bringing home work; by taking the time to stop, reflect, and breath, you reduce the stress life is causing you in aspects like work, family, and general survival (everyone hates seeing their bills and the stess of paying them while making sure you have enough to eat).

You can ground in many ways and there’s so many ideas about how to ground out there. Don’t be afraid to ask how others do it and see what works for you; that’s the whole point of witchcraft! We can help each other by providing new ideas and new perspectives while still being able to make the rules for ourselves about how we want to practice our individual beliefs. And don’t worry if you’re in an environment where earth might be hard to come by, like a bug city apartment with concrete and steel for miles around. You can use the dirt in your potted plants, the dirt under your nails, or just go fill up a jar with dirt!

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