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Daily Tarot Draw: December 23, 2020


I’m not sure how you have all felt this week, but with a much needed break from life right around the corner, I’m feeling a little perkier than usual. That, or my morning brew is kicking in and giving me the spring in me step I need.

Today’s card is The Emperor. The Emperor is one of the first cards in the Major Arcana, after The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, and The Empress.

The Emperor typically represents the father figure in one’s life. While a common signifier card, The Emperor can also represent things in life like security and masculine energy. The Emperor to me represents the masculine energy that occurs naturally in life; while we may represent in one fashion or another how we would like the world to perceive us, we all have certain amounts of masculine and feminine energy. We are all born from the feminine and we are all asked to take on masculine traits to shoulder the weight of this world.

I think today we should take a look deep into what parts our ourselves we have been neglecting, that we have disregarded because of it’s masculine nature. Perhaps we have spent too much time looking in the mirror and critiquing how our bodies look, but we should remember that our bodies are built to be strong and to carry us through this life. Or perhaps we have neglected parts of our personalities, such as anger, aggression, passion, or ambition, because we believe it is not okay to act in such ways. But we need to embrace all aspects of ourselves to live our lives in a healthy and full capacity.

Let’s work on having balance within ourselves today and appreciating the parts that normally we hate. If positivity is unattainable, remember that all people are a mixture of both masculine and feminine and we need to embrace these traits fully.

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