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Daily Tarot Draw: February 10, 2021


Good morning, everyone! Today the moon stays in Aquarius, and today is a good day for various yard work ,according to my handy Farmer’s Almanac. Let’s see what else today holds for us.

Today is the Eight of Pentacles. We know that Pentacles represent the material and wealth. Eights represent change and attainment.

Today, we are changing the way we see or get material wealth. Maybe this means a new job opportunity, a lose bill on the ground, a new path towards financial freedom. We should be open to whatever comes our way. Perhaps an inheritance, your tax return, a refund on a bill you paid where you were accidentally overcharged. We should be open to new opportunities to give ourselves financial freedom and be open to creating more paths of financial attainment. Maybe this means a side-gig doing something only you can do, an opportunity for overtime, or even just a raise.

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