Witchcraft 101: Protecting Yourself

Protecting yourself while practicing witchcraft is one of the major things to learn before actually casting spells. I know as a sweet little witchling you are ready to jump right into your first spell, but we have to talk about protecting yourself before hand.

Now if you have any social media and follow just one witchy page, you’ve seen possibly post upon post about crystals, cleansing, essential oils, sigils, salts, waters, and everything else under the sky.

While there are spells for protection, this is just about protecting yourself and your energy.

Don’t mess with something you don’t know

This is the easiest way to protect yourself. Do not, and I mean under any circumstance, do not mess around with anything you haven’t previously researched.

This goes double for trying to summon spirits or deities. Unless you have spent time researching how to summon or banish or manifest or ANYTHING. Always learn before you try to do anything and always be cautious; if it doesn’t vibe with you, don’t do it. You may need more time to learn and you may need more experience before you can go though those spells and workings.

Cleanse yourself and your space

Protect your energy by cleansing your spaces regularly. And not just a regular sweep and mop. Cleanse your space regularly with smoke and sound and cleansing with moon water. This will keep your space on the right vibes.

With regular cleansing, you’ll feel when the vibes are off. This will keep you safe from invoking bad vibes or bringing them home with you.

Use water and crystals

Crystals are great at helping preserve energy, banish energies that don’t serve you, and keep your energy to yourself. But also go and research which crystals would work best for you and what you need to bring into your space.

Always research proper crystal care in regards to charging. Clear quartz can always be used a substitute if you don’t have the necessary crystal or if you’re poor af like me and can’t afford multiple crystals.

Moon water, from different moon phases, can also be used in multiple ways to protect your energy. Making moon water is super easy.

Charms and Totems

Charms and totems are items you can bring along with you to influence your luck and energy. Charms take their root from wivestales and folklore, like a horseshoe or four leaf clover. Totems and talismans (talismen?) are those you keep with that are intricate and relate to your deities or have a set intention when being made, such as being used for just protection or just manifestation (lucky cat talisman anyone?). An amulet is more lowkey and is something you can either give an intention or let be for general use.

Keeping yourself healthy

Outside of all the fancy magic and herbs, you need to keep yourself healthy in general. You need to drink water, sleep often, eat good food (I’m a sucker for fries but we still need some real vegetables). We need to take care of our physical bodies to keep our spiritual bodies healthy too.

You can’t do spirit work if your body hurts and your hungry.

Delve deeper into protecting yourself. Please be careful as we get closer to Halloween and people ask about seances and summoning and all that good stuff.

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