Welcome Witches, New and Old

Call me the Drunken Witch.

I am just like you. Maybe. I drink. I summon the forces of nature to curse those who stand in my way. I’m a witch, I do witchcraft. Sometimes.

Welcome to your home for new witch tips, tarot readings, and feeling better about your own practice by watching me be terrible at it first, like the vodka aunt who gives you weirdly specific advice at the one holiday she shows up to.

Check out the various pages and bathe in my ill-gotten knowledge.

Wanna chat? Hit me up. Leave me a comment or email me and I’ll let you know what’s up. Suggest something you want to see me cover! Leave me an email, check me out on Instagram (@the_drunken_witch) or on Tumblr, http://the-drunken-witch.tumblr.com . I am not on any other social media at this time so follow me at there so you can see any updates.

Denver, Co

I’m also available to do in person readings in the area on select days.

The Hierophant, Sante Muerte Deck

Here are some giveaways I want to talk to everyone about! We are currently running 1 giveaways, starting right now!

Giveaway #1

When we get through the whole Tarot deck with our Daily Draws, I’m going to give away a little Tarot kit to all my wonderful followers. In the kit there will be:

  • A brand new mystery Tarot deck
  • Some candles to set the mood 😉
  • A hand-stitched Tarot cloth with sigils for protection and focus
  • Some of my most favorite teas for you to try

To register for this giveaway, I will open a specific page you can register at. You only need to register once between now and when we hit that final card! Then I’ll randomly choose a winner from all those who entered!