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Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 22, 2020

Today is a spectacular day! It is Mabon, the Autumn equinox, the first day of fall! That means it is now culturally appropriate to wear sweaters and drink pumpkin spice and decorate your house in the spooky manner you wish you could all year round.

But we have a card to read today!

Today’s card is the Queen of Pentacles.

Court cards are always a little wonky, since they can either be representative of figures in life, such as the subject of the reading or of people in the subject’s life, or they can represent the bigger picture of the suit’s message; Kings refer to the management and ruling over of the suit’s intention, such as the King of Cups being the the ruler over emotions.

Queens can represent mothers or women, or the creation of something. Pentacles represent wealth and materialism.

Normally, I would assume that this card is representative of me or someone close to me, but since this isn’t exactly a normal reading where we have a representative. But since today isn’t representative of a person, it is more likely the idea of creating wealth, creating a space with the materials you need to be nurtured.

Today, I think we should focus on giving ourselves a sacred place in our own environments; make that blanket fort, make a new altar space, make your bedroom more cozy and comforting in time for winter. Despite what everyone else on the internet preaches, you can’t go and create wealth by learning some weird skill or becoming an virtual ‘insert-job-title-here’. Wealth cannot be created or magically earned (I know, ironic coming from a witch). But wealth can be attained through hardwork and giving ourselves the resources to work hard.

So let’s give thanks for what we do have and gives ourselves the space to recharge and rest after our had work. We can create our own wealth in remembering what we do have and being grateful for what we have. We can create a space for ourselves to enjoy life.


So far we’ve pulled:

  • Queen of Pentacles
  • Four of Swords
  • Seven of Pentacles
  • One of Swords
  • Seven of Swords
  • Judgement
  • Two of Cups
  • The Tower
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Six of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

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Witchcraft 101: The Wheel of the Year (AKA WItchy Holidays)

The Wheel of the Year is what dictates the holidays many witches, Wiccan or not, celebrate. It’s called a Wheel because , well each season follows the last as the year goes on (spring into summer into fall into winter in spring and so on).

The Wheel of the Year is made up of 8 holidays. Each holiday coincides with either a celestial occurrence or the natural world. For example, 4 of the 8 holidays lie on the equinoxes and solstices, as the world rotates through space and changes angle in regards to the seasons on the Earth’s position in relation to the Sun (basic 4th grade astronomy stuff). The other 4 holidays relate to human nature and the way we’ve lived in the world, mostly tying into harvest schedules and human nature of being cooped in or wanting to be let out.

Taking into account the holidays were created by the witches of yore, who worked their fields and lived in communities of other farmers and ranchers and grazers, witches, the wise women of their communities, helped make holidays for the working class to enjoy life and help keep track of the days between harvests and between the cold long nights of winter.

While the names have changed over the years and the days changed as people grew into the great big world we know today, we can still celebrate these holidays to keep our selves anchored to our pasts and our roots as witches.

Each holiday is called a Sabbat. Some take names from old engligh and some have had names coined for them in the last several decades. But witchcraft is always growing and changing; if you don’t feel drawn to a holiday in particular or to a name in particular for a holiday, then change it to suit you and your needs. I’ll list each holiday and what it celebrates as well as the dates for each.


Mabon – The Autumn Equinox Sept. 20-23

Samhain – Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Witch Christmas (basically, as we get to leave our houses spooked up and it looks festive af) Oct 31


Yule – Actual Christmas, Winter Solstice (This one was stolen by the Christians cause it was way more fun than any of their dumb ideas for dead of winter parties) Dec. 20-25

Imbolc – The world is waking up party! Celebrating the world defrosting and beginning to grow again. Usually happens in the weird part of February where you can feel the warm weather coming in your bones but there’s still snow in the forecast. Feb. 1-2


Ostara – Spring equinox, Closely resembles Easter (I wonder why ‘insert side-eye emoji’) Celebrating the world coming alive and… the birds and the bees 😉 Mar. 20-23

Beltane – May Day! Usually celebrating the first actually nice and sunny day of the year! May 1


Litha – Summer Solstice! Celebrating the longest day of the year Jun 20-22

Lughnasadh – First harvest of the year! Celebrating all the stuff that usually comes to fruition towards the end of summer, like the corn, berries, squash and such. Aug 1

So while there’s a lot of holidays (and excuses to party it up with your fellow serfs) you don’t have to follow each and every holiday to a tee. You can even make your own holidays to celebrate anniversaries and such. Just have fun and roll how you feel; as long as you’re being safe, there’s no wrong way to celebrate your holidays as a witch.

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 20, 2020

Mabon is right around the corner this week, with it following Halloween! I’m going to do a post this week about all the witch’s holidays and Wicca.

But on to today’s card!

Today’s card is the Four of Swords. One detail I love about this card is the nails in the coffin; we’ve already seen the Seven of Swords, where the figure inside the coffin returns.

Fours represent stability and structure. Swords are thoughts and mentalities.

What we can see in the card, however, is that we are not building or growing, we are putting something to rest.

We can take this several ways; we can be putting an old mentality to rest, so to speak, or we can be letting ourselves rest after using our big brains too much. What I find odd, however, is the aspect of death that comes in this rest. Even in the Rider-Waite deck, it shows a man prone in a church, ready for his wake (maybe? that’s the only reason I can see being unconscicous in a church.)

Maybe it is that we need to lay the old parts of ourselves to rest, or maybe it that is is it time to let the past lie when this card comes up. For today, I’m going to take away that it is the perfect time to let go of that which no longer serves us; not only is it a new moon, and the cusp of fall, but it is the beginning of a new week and that means now is a great time to let go and move forward into the rest of this week and this year.

So far we’ve made it through 13 cards! That’s about 16.7% so we’ve got a little ways to go, but we’re making great progress!

  • Four of Swords
  • Seven of Pentacles
  • One of Swords
  • Seven of Swords
  • Judgement
  • Two of Cups
  • The Tower
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Six of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 19, 2020

This past week has kicked my ass, but I am refreshed and ready to go today! I think that’s one of the coolest things about witchcraft; if you need to take a break from practicing, you can and you should, and that’s so refreshing from the constant dribble we’ve been fed since childhood of ‘if you aren’t doing somethng all day every day, then you’re not being productive.

Today’s card is the Seven of Pentacles.

Sevens represent faith, understanding, wisdom. Considering how late Sevens occur in the suit, the Sevens are mostly there to show how far you’ve come on your journey and understanding what you’ve learned so far in your journey. Pentacles represent materialism and wealth.

In the card itself, we can see a man behind an abacus, tallying out some number or some worth. We can only wonder what his real figure may be in his head; however in my mind’s eye, I see the worth of my life. He is tallying on Dia de Muertos, as we can see on the banner behind him. Dia de Muertos is the celebration of the dead and what they did while they were alive.

For today, I’ll take away the fact that no matter what everyone thinks of me, I know my worth. And I know that my life is not always worth what others deam (minimum wage job, anyone?) . I’ll remember that today I’m worth much nore than they pay me to give myself to a faceless corporation that holds no love for me.

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 16, 2020

This week has honestly been kicking my ass. I guess there are a lot of lessons I need to learn, like making boundaries for work and being more convicted in my obligations and responsibilities. But let’s get into today’s card!

Today’s card is the Seven of Swords!

Swords are thoughts and mentalities. Sevens represent trouble, struggle, and discipline.

Knowing how I was yesterday, missing a post and spending too much time at my day job, and today, with struggling out of bed and just getting ready for the day, I know this card is literally personifying me. We literally see a figure getting out of a coffin, the final resting place if you will. And the nails in his coffin are all on the ground.

I’m stuck on the fence with whether this card is warning me to be more discipline with getting more done in my day or if this card is letting me know I’m trying to be too disciplined and thus I’m further exhausting myself. When you’re on the fence with a card, it’s best to take a few minutes and figure out your intuition or instinct about the card.

My head is telling me that I’m not putting in enough effort, whereas my gut is telling me I’ve worked too hard this week and I need to take a well-needed rest. I think now is the perfect time to prepare a rest and get myself back in the right head space.

So far, we’ve seen these cards come through:

  • Seven of Swords
  • One of Swords
  • Judgement
  • Two of Cups
  • The Tower
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Six of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 14, 2020

We’re going to dive right in today on this bright and beautiful Monday!

Today’s card is the One of Swords!

Ones are were the cycle begins, the start of a journey in the cards. Swords are thoughts or mentality.

Knowing what we know from yesterday’s card, it seems the cards are guiding us down a new path. With yesterday being focused on the Judgement card and us moving past what we’ve already learned this year, today seems like it’s pushing us down a new learning path! I know classes are in full swing at many colleges and schools across the world and many students are eager to return as late-start classes are just around the corner.

But besides classes, we should also take the time to learn in general! Maybe you finished school and have no desire to return (no faults there), but maybe now is a good time to pick up a new hobby as the weather turns colder! Maybe now is a great time for you to pick up a new language as our world gets more and more connected. Let’s all take a step towards a new learning path and let’s grow further.

So far, we’ve pulled:

  • One of Swords
  • Judgement
  • Two of Cups
  • The Tower
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Nine of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

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Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 13, 2020

I think the worst thing about working so much is that sometimes you have to put the pet projects on hold to go make the actual money to keep a roof over your head. I know I completely forgot to post yesterday and I’m going to make up for that today. Hopefully.

Today’s card is the Judgement card.

The Judgement card is one of the Major Arcana cards, and pops up in occasions of reflection and reckoning.

Given the current world order, with our many miseries and tribulations, I think this card is here today to remind us that we are becoming kore and more aware of how the world works behind the curtain and how we can affect that inner working.

For today, I think we should remember how far we’ve come this far in the year, of all we’ve learned and grown from, of all that we are now aware. While we shouldn’t congratulate ourselves for just learning, we should keep in kind we are growing and changing.

So far, we’ve pulled:

  • Judgement
  • Two of Cups
  • The Tower
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Six of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

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Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 12, 2020

Today’s post is a little rushed, since real life came banging on the door almost literally at 6am and said ‘we need you to come to work early since everyone else can’t do their jobs well enough’. But a little overtime won’t hurt I suppose. I mean, it definitely will, but let’s think positive.

Today’s card, afer a whole week is finally a Cups card! Today we have one of the better known Cups cards, the Two of Cups.

Twos represent duality and choices. Cups represent the heart and emotions.

The Two of Cups represents the duality and balance in a relationship. We can see the taller figure pouring water from his cup-head into his lover’s, while his lover supports his heart, since he had no other soft tissues to support his organ.

For today, I think we should remember that love is give and take; so instead of taking too heavily from those that love us, let’s give as much as possible today. Love is not a limited resource. Love hard today and take that little extra time to show those around us the love they need.

So far, we’ve drawn:

  • Two of Cups
  • The Tower
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Six of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 11, 2020

Buckle up kiddos, because today’s card is a doozy!

Today we have the dreaded Tower card!

So take a deep breathe first. Now, before you get anxiety, let’s remember that many of our scariest cards are there for a reason, to tell us the hard truths we need to know to grow properly. We can’t get far on only sugar and positivity.

The Tower card represents upheival, disaster, a shift in your reality. There is nothing wrong with this card; we should welcome it (cautiously and begrudgingly) into our lives. Because the quicker we learn the lesson it brings, the faster we are done with it’s B.S.

So how can we work through something like disaster with grace? Well, we have to make our peace with why it happened to us; we can’t go through life asking ourselves ‘why did this happen to me?’. We have to make peace with the fact that it happened, whether from accident or from our own hand.

From there, we have to understand what this change is meant to teach us; maybe we are supposed to learn humility from a bad decision, perhaps we are supossed to learn grace as we leave a situtation that is harmful to us and our loved ones, or maybe we are supposed to learn how to do better in our futures.

The Tower, Death, and The Devil cards are cards that are meant to show us that when disaster strikes, we have the tools to survive and come through better, to come through and help others when they come to a situation like you went through. Love yourself and love each other, especially in times of stress and disaster.

Including today’s bleak card, we’ve seen:

  • The Tower
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Nine of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 10, 2020

It’s a good thing I’m off today, I dropped half my deck all over the floor this morning when I was trying to shuffle! So no matter what card I get today, I’m definitely taking a nap today and drinking lots of tea! Self-care is important and that means sometimes you need take a break from pushing yourself so hard.

Looks like today is the Ten of Pentacles! We’ve had a lot of Pentacles pop up this week, so hopefully we can see a little more variety next week. Or I just need to work on my shuffling.

Tens represent the end of a cycle, the conclusion of journey, the transformation that comes from finishing your journey. Pentacles represent materialism and wealth.

What I love about this deck is each of the Tens has an illustration front and center of a butterfly, which really nails down the idea of the metamorphosis someone goes through if they follow the journey through the Tarot (each suit, Minor and Major Arcana, follow different journeys through the human experience).

When this card pops up, its usually to represent the end of your journey with wealth; you’ve put in the hard work and now the culmination of your work is coming to you. This could be that you no longer worry about your bank account being empty, or you now feel confident in you own abilities at work. Tens are always a positive card showing that the journey you’ve taken is over now and you can reap the benefits of growth.

For today, let’s take away the fact that we’ve worked hard this week and we’re near the end of our journey. For many, we’re near the end of the workweek and for some, that means payday! For some, like me, it’s my day off after a long work week and I’m ready to relax and recoup. Maybe you’ve made great strides in becoming financially independent this week. Whatever the case, let’s celebrate our success and the battles we’ve won so far.

So far we’ve pulled these cards:

  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Nine of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 9, 2020

You ever feel that end of week slump were you’ve worked super hard all week and you’re ready for your day off? Cause I sure am feeling it today.

But we’re here to read Tarot so let’s get to it!

Looks like today is the Six of Swords! Swords is honestly my favorite Minor Arcana suit; I really like the symbolism behind swords in literature and the entire suit of Swords is so complex and deep.

Sixes represent compassion and problem-solving. Swords represent thoughts, mentality.

In this card, we can see what I can the ferryman, his boat loaded down with men. Perhaps they have come from a battle somewhere, or perhaps they are still on their journey on to their final fight. Either way, they are on a journey of some kind.Whereever the ferryman is taking them, at least they are together with their brothers-in-arms.

From this card, we can draw that we need to think outside the box, come up with new solutions to our problems. Perhaps this means meeting with our teams and our support systems to best handle new issues and situations. Or we should take the time to understand why a certain thought process or course of action has not worked. Wherever you end up today, remember that you always have someone by your side. And if you feel like you have no one, then let me be on your side. Comment or send me a private message on my contact page; I’ll be there for you because we need to help each other get through what is arguably one of the toughest points in many peoples’ lives right now.

Here is the running list of the cards we’ve drawn! Don’t forget to register for the giveaway on our giveaway page!

  • Six of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 8 2020

Today is the first snow storm of the season, so it’s a welcome chang from the blazing 90 degree days we’ve been having for the last 3 months. Finally feels like fall is around the corner and that means everyone’s most favorite holiday: Halloween!

But that’s still over a month away so let’s get to it today!

The Four of Penatacles! I love pulling this card in this deck because I love the detail and the composition of the scene. Sorry for the shadows, I don’t have much natural light to work with today so my overhead kitchen light is casting some wack shadows.

Pentacles referes to material wealth and the material world in general. Fours represent stability and foundations. Most of the time this card is very positive, representing stability and financial wealth coming our way. However, whether this deck or the Rider-Waite version, this deck always makes me feel like I should be wary of greediness or hoarding of wealth.

Even in this card, all I can see is a greedy bride terrorizing a town (bridezilla, anyone?). In the Rider-Waite illustrations, you can see a man holding tightly to large gold coins.

But that’s the cool thing about reading Tarot, especially intuitive reading; you may see something else in this card that I don’t and that can give a much different insight. But that means we both have something to bring to the table to discuss and foster and grow on. And that’s how we grow: we discuss and disagree and learn! Always call me out if you see something different than me! I want to grow!

Today, I take away that I should be wary of greed, from myself and from others and I should remember to be thankful for all that I’ve already been given and recieved.

So our current running tally of the cards we’ve pulled so far:

  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

Witchcratf 101: Quick coffee spells for witches on the go

I live off coffee. Like, if I needed to do a blood test it would be Dark Roast.

So how do you combine your love of all things witchy with your chemical dependecy on caffeine?

Herbs and Spices!

If you’re thinking I’m crazy, just remembe that a Pumpkin Spice Latte is a thing and people are crazy for it.

The actual point I’m making though is that a good way to start learning how to use herbs in witchcraft is to start small and focus on just a few before you dive right in. And a great way to start small is just the herbs you use regulary or the ones already sitting in your cabinet. Cooking is a great way to learn to!

But we’re going to focus on what you can add to your coffee first, because coffee is many peoples’ first thing they have in the day. So here’s a list of some of the more common herbs you probably have in your spice rack right now (unless you’re a poor college kid, but that’s okay).

  • Basil – use in soells to attract love and luck in journeys
  • Cinnamon – abundance and wealth, as well as can be used for healing and cleansing as incense
  • Cloves – protection, money, luck, strengthen friendships
  • Fennel – focus, as well as protection from outside interfereance
  • Garlic – OMG SO MUCH! warding, protection, strengthens other energies, luck
  • Ginger – Speeds things up
  • Lemon – purifying and cleansing
  • Mint – warding, protection, build personal strength,
  • Nutmeg – can enhace clairvoyance when added to beverages, money drawing spells
  • Oregano – happiness, health, luck, protection
  • Parsley – when eating can increase strength and passion (used in incense to commune with the dead)
  • Rosemary – enhance memory, fidelity
  • SAGE – the big cleaner! you know, sage your space and such
  • Sugar – attraction (used with other herbs for purpose)
  • Thyme – spells for strength and courage

Now everything I listed isn’t exactly something you want to put in your morning coffee. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who wants to drink some garlic in their mocha latte. But there’s still a lot we can work with to add to our coffee to give ourselves a tasy morning kickstart. So here are some of my favorite little coffee add-ins to make every morning more magical.

Simple Cinnamon Coffee

Used to attract money and abundance.

With your coffee, before pouring the coffee, add sugar and cinnamon to taste (however much you would like or your cup can handle). Pour your coffee and meditate for a moment, giving your coffee the intention of attracting wealth and abundance to you. Doctor with creamer or milk and down the hatch.

Better than a PSL coffee

This one you will need cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger. (I like the way allspice tastes better than cloves in the whole mix).

Used to quickly draw money and wealth.

In your cup, before the coffee, add two shakes of ground cinnamon, 1 shake each of ground allspice, ginger, and nutmeg. Add a bit of sugar to taste (before or after coffee, which ever you prefer). After you add the coffee and any creamer, if you like, take a moment to stir clockwise (attracts) and meditate on attracting wealth into your life.

Feel free to tweak and experiment! Find what works for you! Maybe you’ll find a crazy combination that does taste good and works well. If you have a special recipe you use, comment below so we all can try it!

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 7, 2020

I think once we get through the whole deck, I’ll do a Tarot kit giveaway, like a deck, some candles, some tea, a tapestry or something to read the cards on. Let me know in the comments if that sounds cool or if you have a better idea. Gods know I need some. But I’m mostly always available and would love to hear what you’re thinking. But now onto our card today.

Today we get a Major Arcana card! Today looks like Strength. Unlike some Major Arcana cards, Strength is one of the few that means what is says (looking at you, Devil and Tower). I love the Strength card even in the Rider-Waite decks. Something about it is just, well, magic.

But let’s dive in before I lose myself in self-reflection.

Strength is a great card, it’s powerful, it means what it says; it’s Strength. It tells you to be strong, to be courageous. The advice from the White Book is mostly this: act with conviction, without hestiation, and trust yourself to know what do.

This honestly the first time I’ve pulled Strength for myself in a reading, but just seeing it makes me want to punch a bear and climb a skyscraper. The colors alone in any deck are usually so bright and eyecatching, strong is almost an understatement.

For today, I believe we must remember we have been strong enough to get to this point and we are strong enough to persevere. We are strong enough to change the future to better serve us and those after us. We are strong.

Here’s running tally of the card’s we’ve pulled:

  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

So there’s about 75 cards we have to get through!

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 6, 2020

Today I had to get up earlier than usual to go to the daily grind so today’s draw is posted delayed but those Sunday morning sunrises are always a perk. Greet the sun and start your day!

Looks like today is the Three of Wands!

Three of Wands

Today we have this absolutely vibrant card, from my Sante Muete deck. I love how bright the colors are in this deck, they’re so eyecatching and brillinat.

But we’re not here to study color theory. Well, not entirely at least. In this card, we see a bird, skeletal, holding a book. He sits atop three red skulls, from which stems have sprouted.

Wands represent action. Commonly, Wands are assocaited with fire, but I always feel like Wands more closely coincide with wind. That’s the cool part about reading intuitively; you can assign meaning to cards besides the historical meaning to give your readings a deeper connection to yourself and your experience. Threes commonly refer to growth or relationships.

In the White Book included, we are told that the Three of Wands is a push of positive energy towards new goals, new business ventures, new relatuonships, as well as a reminded that we hold our destinies in our own hands and do not need ti rely on others to further our goals. (Honestly, this White Book has so much amazing content besides just giving the cards meaning!)

We can take away from this that today is a good day to push towards our goals or to forge new friendships. And considering today is Sunday, and the beginning of the week, for the Western world at least, today is a good day to start our week right and strive to make our lives better; whether that means working on your start-up, starting a difficult project, or making a new friend in time for the holiday season.

Hopefully, you can take something away from this card today. If not, hopefuly I can pull a card that resonates with you soon! Leave a comment about how you feel like tou can seize the day today so to speak, or if you feel something else about this card.

I’m also going to start keeping track down here about all the cards I’ve drawn so far, and when I finally draw all of them… well, I’ll figure that out when we get. Maybe a giveaway or something? Tell me what you want to see!

  • Two of Swords
  • Three of Wands

Witchcraft101: Witchy Items You Can Hide In Plain Site

For those just getting into witchcraft or are closeted witches, you might be thinking what are some things you can get that won’t advertise that you are a witch. Maybe if you’re a closeted witch and living in a situation you don’t want to reveal your background, you might be looking for a couple things that you can keep out and use periodically without your roommates/parents/landlord finding out.

So here is a list of items that you can keep out in plain sight.

A Journal!

A journal is one of the things that you can totally keep in plain sight. Unless you know a journal will be gone through by say, a nosy parent, you can leave your journal out, albeit maybe closed to ward off wandering eyes.


Herbs are commonplace in every house. Even in a dorm room, you can keep cooking supplies so you don’t have to share them with fellow dorm mates. Herbs are commonplace in witchcraft and are easy to store, procure, and use.

Coffee Grinder!

Still on the subject of herbs, get yourself a coffee grinder! Sometimes you need to grind up your herbs finely to use in anointing or in satchels; while most traditional witches use a mortar and pestle, you may not have the space or need for such a tool. But a coffee grinder is multi-purpose and if a guest sees it sitting on a counter near a coffeepot, then no one will be the wiser!

Essential Oils!

With the popularity of essential oils on the rise, keeping some of these around shouldn’t be too out-of-the-norm. Even just using essential oils for aromatherapy and to create a space for you for mediation, they are common to find and keep, and no one will bat an eye at them. If the local Karens haven’t bought out the whole supply, that is.

A Deck of Cards!

Coming from someone who loves looking and feeling Tarot decks, I also know that sometimes it’s not realistic to keep a real deck around. But you can keep a regular old deck of cards around to still learn the minor arcana of a Tarot deck. It’s a bit tricky, but with practice you can learn anything.

Your own lucky charm!

You can assign luck to an item and not tell anyone about it. Or maybe you gave a more traditional luck charm like a horseshoe or dreamcatcher. But items like these are usually unnoticed or disregarded by others. They may think you superstitious but not exactly a witch. Lucky charms or charms in general can be made in a variety ways, including enchanting sentimental items or by finding traditional luck charms (four leaf clovers, anyone?).


Jewelry and lucky charms are some of the easiest to hide in plain sight as many people aren’t going to look that closely at your jewelry unless its extremely shiny or eyecatching. Jewelry is a great way to always have a specific crystal on you, or to wear sigils and charms.


Windchimes are so common and many would never suspect you of witchcraft by keeping them around. Not only do they look pretty and sound lovely, they can help with the vibes in your space. The chimes can help clear out old and bad energy from your space. If my extremely Christian grandmother can have tons of windchimes without fear, you can too!

Last but not least… Salt!

I know what you’re thinking; shouldn’t salt be an herb? Techincally, if we’re talking about culinary classifications, salt is a spice, but salt is special for its own reasons. While many herbs hace many purposes and are used in many different working, salt is the granddaddy of all the herbs witches use; salt is the single best protection and warding ingredient a witch could ask for. And you can carry salt wherever you go and no one will bat an eye. Well, they might be a little concerned for your blood pressure but they definitely won’t be thinking ‘hey, I think Martha is a witch’. Carry a little bit of salt with you everywhere you go to protect against bad spirits and bad energies. Spread salt in you house to ward against unwanted eneregies or to cast a circle for spellwork (please only do this inside to protect the earth from salt). Keep salt in your day bag to protect against bad energies and to liven up any shitty resturant food you come across. Keep salt in your night out bag to protecr against spirits and to throw at attackers (no one wants salt in their eyes and a crazy move like that will take them off-guard so you can get away).

Hopefully, you can take this list and run with it to your nearest pantry and supermarket. If you’re still in the broom closet, don’t worry so much about hiding your identity; focus on honoring your truth and working towards the future you want; whether that means being brave enough to come out of the broom closet or whether that means being in a place where you can be you openly.

I’m going to do a whole post about salt and what to do with is as well as alternatives for using salt, such as when you’re outside or when you have no salt in hand (it happens to the best of us when we go shopping, can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten salt or toilet paper or dish soap.)

Comment below some of the things you used when you were first coming out as a witch, or what you want featured in a new post! I thrive on feedback otherwise I don’t know what to write!

Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 5, 2020

Today’s card of the day is…

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords! Using my Santa Muete deck, we draw the card of the day.

Swords represent thoughts, and in tradition, wind. However I always see Swords as representing fire. Twos represent choices and balance.

According to the White Book for the deck, the Two of Swords means conflicting ideas, and the need to reconcile these ideas together. We can see how the blades of teh scissors are opposite of each other, instead of towards each other; image how hard it would be to use scissors like this in reality.

What can we divine about that for today?

Well, knowing we should be anazlying our thoughts and finding our conflicting ideas is a good start. I know I feel like I can either only work or only be in college, so maybe I need to work on coninciding these ideas into a coheisive idea about myself. With the coming elections in America, maybe we need to start anazlying our thought patterns and finding peace between all the information we’ve recieved about all the political issues ane candidates to make the best informed deision for ourselves and our communities. Maybe we need to take two conflicting ideas we have about others and reconcile them to see the truth of the matter.

While it seems like this card is asking a lot of us, perhaps insteads of diving in head first and clearing our mind-clutter, we should start small and focus on the most pressing issues that keep us up every night and take the peace from our mind before diving into the harder seated ideas.

If you feel something about this card, leave a comment! Reach out and let’s talk about all there is happening in this card.

Witchcraft 101: Vibrations

What are vibrations?

As you start learning more and more about witchy business, you here more and more about vibrations.

But what are vibrations? Like literally? Or metaphorically? Or metaphysically?

At first it’s going to seem like one of those weird religion things where everyone buys into this one weird illogical aspect of the belief system and just goes with and pretends it real.

But you know what a vibration! You’ve felt vibrations before! Whether from your car driving over a bumpy road or been in a earthquake, you’ve felt vibrations to some capacity.

So when you address vibes in witchcraft, its just the unseen vibrations. You’ve even felt these unseen vibrations before! It’s the feeling that something isn’t quite right in that dark alley, the feeling you get when you pick some produce and it turns out amazing, the feeling you get when you look out the window and have the urge just to be outside.

Some of these urges and feelings are sometimes vibes you get from your intuition.

Now, I’m sure you’re looking at me through your screen and thinking I’m losing it. You’re probably thinking,’ oh yeah, sure, vibes are a thing, and my great-grandma is a panda bear’.

But those are the vibes most witches are talking about; its the unexplained feelings you get from time to time about certain things. It’s the weird certainty you feel from time to time.

But now you’re wondering, what does all this talk of vibes have to do with anything with witchcraft? Why is it constantly mentioned, constantly referenced, constantly used?

As you delve deeper into witchy happenings and goingons, you’ll start to develop your intuition better and it’ll help you pick up on the vibes.

But sometimes, you’ll still come across a spell, a post, a book, or what-have-you, and it will tell you all the vibes you’re supposed to pick up and you will be confused. Like super confused because you can’t figure out what you’re supposed to know or feel. So when you see that, just know it’s hard to remember what being a newbie is like.

So don’t be afraid to bounce from topic to topic, spell to spell, just try your best and keep going. Grow your intuition with daily exercises and keep working.

Everything will come with practice and time.

Tarot 101: Six of Cups…

We’ve made it past the half-way point of the Cups suit by this point. Sixes represent problem-solving and compassion. Cups represent emotion. So how can a card represent both emotions and compassion?

Six of Cups

As we can see in the card, there are two figures, a man handing a cup to a child. Both figures are both childlike; we can also notice that in contrast to previous Cups cards, this is one of the first times we see the cups full. Even in the Five of Cups where we see that the cups have been spilled, they are not visibly full. So if the cups are full this time, then we can infer that the Six of Cups represents sharing your feelings with others and helping others with their feelings and emotions, being generous with your emotions and spreading the good.

But what about when the card is reversed?

Six of Cups Reversed

When we see this card flipped, there isn’t exactly a negative connotation for the card. When these cards pop up with no express negativity, sometimes I just take it at face value to be cautious with sharing your emotions; while sharing your emotions is a good thing, so is taking caution in who you choose to share your emotions with.

So when this card pops up, remember:

  • Sixes represent problem-solving and compassion.
  • Cups represent water, emotion, and in reference to time, months.

Don’t forget that when it comes to reading the cards, as much as you can remember won’t always be helpful. Sometimes you need to take the card at face value and read it in context to other cards available.

Tarot 101: Numbers in Tarot

When it comes to learning Tarot, something every beginner needs to take into account is how numbers play into a reading.

Now, I know, I know; you don’t want to have to learn math or formulas! But you just have to bear with me. The numbers in Tarot don’t relate to math, which is a good thing most of the time. Mostly, the numbers relate to the cycle of the story.

Every suit follows a kind of story, broken down into chapters represented by the numbers of the suits. So the Aces are chapter 1 and Tens are the last chapter. Unless you get further into Numerology, for most beginner Tarot readers should focus just on how the story progresses through each suit. Then, after you get a little more comfortable with reading the cards, you should dive into Numerology and see if it fits with how you read.

So what do the numbers mean then?


Aces represent the beginning. Simple, right? They’re the first card in the Minor Arcana suits, therefore kicking off our Tarot numbers. Of course, between different suits, Aces can represent more; such as new business ventures in Pentacles or potential actions in Wands.


Twos represent either choices or balance. Twos are where we can start to see the multiple aspects of the numbers in Tarot. If we look at a Two of Swords and Two of Cups, we can see how the Twos in Tarot can differ; the Two of Swords represents choices and the Two of Cups represents romantic emotion.


Threes represent growth and relationships. Most Threes represent growth in either your wallet, your thoughts, or your social circle. With the exception of the Three of Swords, which depicts three swords through a heart, these cards are mostly positive and celebrate growth and friendships. But this is also where the story takes a turn.


Fours are where the story plateaus for just a moment. It’s as though we take a step back from the action to see the characters happy and stable. Which is what Fours represent; stability and structure. But the stability and structure see throughout the Fours is only leading up to the drama Fives bring to the table.


Fives are where the stories take a turn; Fives are conflict and loss, change. Five of Wands represent conflict and Five of Pentacles represent poverty. So the stability, celebration, and wealth seen earlier in the cards are now gone.


But don’t get depressed over this story quite yet! Sixes are were things begin getting good again! Sixes represent problem-solving and compassion. So the issues that Fives have brought up, are now getting solved! Six of Cups shows fertility and celebration and the Six of Wands show victory! But the story isn’t over yet!


Sevens are where we can see some of the personal growth that has come from the Fives’ conflicts. Sevens represent wisdom, faith, and understanding. Although not every Seven represents an immediate resolution of the conflicts beforehand, it does show personal growth in the characters and how conflict brings changes for the better.


Eights represent movement and change. Now, I know what you’re thinking; omg, more change, haven’t we had enough yet! But hold your horses, it’s a different kind of change! The Five of Wands represents conflict and fighting, and the changes that come with that, whereas the Eight of Wands represents the growth from change and how things have changed since conflict.

I think of the difference between Fives and Eights are Fives represent external change: changes brought about by forces you cannot control. Eights represent internal change: the change you can do in response to your life changing, the changes you can make to your own actions or thoughts.


Nines are where the story starts to come to an end. Nines represent fulfillment and completion. Now I know what you’re thinking; If Nines are the end then what do Tens have to do with anything! Slow down, kiddo! I’m getting there! Nines show the completion of the cycle, how everything ends up immediately after the changes and growth.


Now, how do Tens play into all of this? While Tens represent completion and transformation, there is a difference between Nines’ completion and Tens’ completion.

I like to think that Tens are the epilogue to the story, whereas Nines are the final chapter that finishes up the action of the story. If you compare the difference in the Nine of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles, you’ll see that the Nine represents personal wealth and Ten shows community wealth; so in the short term, personally, you will experience wealth, and in the long-term, your community will experience wealth.

Now I can see your wheels turning; what about court cards? What about the Major arcana? What about-

Slow down and take a breath! We’ll get into the court cards soon and the Major arcana and the story of the Major arcana. There’s time to learn and there’s time to discover. Just be patient until I get everything written!

AcesBeginnings, Potential
TwosBalance, Choices
ThreesGrowth, Relationships
FoursFoundations, Stability, Structure
FivesConflict, Loss, Change
SixesCompassion, Problem-Solving, Harmony
SevensFaith, Wisdom, Understanding
EightsMovement, Change
NinesFulfillment, Completion
TensCompletion, Transformation