Witchcraft 101: Vibrations

What are vibrations?

As you start learning more and more about witchy business, you here more and more about vibrations.

But what are vibrations? Like literally? Or metaphorically? Or metaphysically?

At first it’s going to seem like one of those weird religion things where everyone buys into this one weird illogical aspect of the belief system and just goes with and pretends it real.

But you know what a vibration! You’ve felt vibrations before! Whether from your car driving over a bumpy road or been in a earthquake, you’ve felt vibrations to some capacity.

So when you address vibes in witchcraft, its just the unseen vibrations. You’ve even felt these unseen vibrations before! It’s the feeling that something isn’t quite right in that dark alley, the feeling you get when you pick some produce and it turns out amazing, the feeling you get when you look out the window and have the urge just to be outside.

Some of these urges and feelings are sometimes vibes you get from your intuition.

Now, I’m sure you’re looking at me through your screen and thinking I’m losing it. You’re probably thinking,’ oh yeah, sure, vibes are a thing, and my great-grandma is a panda bear’.

But those are the vibes most witches are talking about; its the unexplained feelings you get from time to time about certain things. It’s the weird certainty you feel from time to time.

But now you’re wondering, what does all this talk of vibes have to do with anything with witchcraft? Why is it constantly mentioned, constantly referenced, constantly used?

As you delve deeper into witchy happenings and goingons, you’ll start to develop your intuition better and it’ll help you pick up on the vibes.

But sometimes, you’ll still come across a spell, a post, a book, or what-have-you, and it will tell you all the vibes you’re supposed to pick up and you will be confused. Like super confused because you can’t figure out what you’re supposed to know or feel. So when you see that, just know it’s hard to remember what being a newbie is like.

So don’t be afraid to bounce from topic to topic, spell to spell, just try your best and keep going. Grow your intuition with daily exercises and keep working.

Everything will come with practice and time.

One thought on “Witchcraft 101: Vibrations

  1. Totally agree with you vibrations are so important to pick up on in every day life too and not just whilst practising magick. I use my intuition all of the time & it never ever lets me down. Although years ago in my youth, I wasn’t always so wise to do so & whenever I didn’t listen to my own inner intuition things could easily go wrong. So now I always take it in and use it. Keep on Witching! Great blog!👍
    Blessed Be & Namaste🙏

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