Witchcraft101: Witchy Items You Can Hide In Plain Site

For those just getting into witchcraft or are closeted witches, you might be thinking what are some things you can get that won’t advertise that you are a witch. Maybe if you’re a closeted witch and living in a situation you don’t want to reveal your background, you might be looking for a couple things that you can keep out and use periodically without your roommates/parents/landlord finding out.

So here is a list of items that you can keep out in plain sight.

A Journal!

A journal is one of the things that you can totally keep in plain sight. Unless you know a journal will be gone through by say, a nosy parent, you can leave your journal out, albeit maybe closed to ward off wandering eyes.


Herbs are commonplace in every house. Even in a dorm room, you can keep cooking supplies so you don’t have to share them with fellow dorm mates. Herbs are commonplace in witchcraft and are easy to store, procure, and use.

Coffee Grinder!

Still on the subject of herbs, get yourself a coffee grinder! Sometimes you need to grind up your herbs finely to use in anointing or in satchels; while most traditional witches use a mortar and pestle, you may not have the space or need for such a tool. But a coffee grinder is multi-purpose and if a guest sees it sitting on a counter near a coffeepot, then no one will be the wiser!

Essential Oils!

With the popularity of essential oils on the rise, keeping some of these around shouldn’t be too out-of-the-norm. Even just using essential oils for aromatherapy and to create a space for you for mediation, they are common to find and keep, and no one will bat an eye at them. If the local Karens haven’t bought out the whole supply, that is.

A Deck of Cards!

Coming from someone who loves looking and feeling Tarot decks, I also know that sometimes it’s not realistic to keep a real deck around. But you can keep a regular old deck of cards around to still learn the minor arcana of a Tarot deck. It’s a bit tricky, but with practice you can learn anything.

Your own lucky charm!

You can assign luck to an item and not tell anyone about it. Or maybe you gave a more traditional luck charm like a horseshoe or dreamcatcher. But items like these are usually unnoticed or disregarded by others. They may think you superstitious but not exactly a witch. Lucky charms or charms in general can be made in a variety ways, including enchanting sentimental items or by finding traditional luck charms (four leaf clovers, anyone?).


Jewelry and lucky charms are some of the easiest to hide in plain sight as many people aren’t going to look that closely at your jewelry unless its extremely shiny or eyecatching. Jewelry is a great way to always have a specific crystal on you, or to wear sigils and charms.


Windchimes are so common and many would never suspect you of witchcraft by keeping them around. Not only do they look pretty and sound lovely, they can help with the vibes in your space. The chimes can help clear out old and bad energy from your space. If my extremely Christian grandmother can have tons of windchimes without fear, you can too!

Last but not least… Salt!

I know what you’re thinking; shouldn’t salt be an herb? Techincally, if we’re talking about culinary classifications, salt is a spice, but salt is special for its own reasons. While many herbs hace many purposes and are used in many different working, salt is the granddaddy of all the herbs witches use; salt is the single best protection and warding ingredient a witch could ask for. And you can carry salt wherever you go and no one will bat an eye. Well, they might be a little concerned for your blood pressure but they definitely won’t be thinking ‘hey, I think Martha is a witch’. Carry a little bit of salt with you everywhere you go to protect against bad spirits and bad energies. Spread salt in you house to ward against unwanted eneregies or to cast a circle for spellwork (please only do this inside to protect the earth from salt). Keep salt in your day bag to protect against bad energies and to liven up any shitty resturant food you come across. Keep salt in your night out bag to protecr against spirits and to throw at attackers (no one wants salt in their eyes and a crazy move like that will take them off-guard so you can get away).

Hopefully, you can take this list and run with it to your nearest pantry and supermarket. If you’re still in the broom closet, don’t worry so much about hiding your identity; focus on honoring your truth and working towards the future you want; whether that means being brave enough to come out of the broom closet or whether that means being in a place where you can be you openly.

I’m going to do a whole post about salt and what to do with is as well as alternatives for using salt, such as when you’re outside or when you have no salt in hand (it happens to the best of us when we go shopping, can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten salt or toilet paper or dish soap.)

Comment below some of the things you used when you were first coming out as a witch, or what you want featured in a new post! I thrive on feedback otherwise I don’t know what to write!

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