Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 6, 2020

Today I had to get up earlier than usual to go to the daily grind so today’s draw is posted delayed but those Sunday morning sunrises are always a perk. Greet the sun and start your day!

Looks like today is the Three of Wands!

Three of Wands

Today we have this absolutely vibrant card, from my Sante Muete deck. I love how bright the colors are in this deck, they’re so eyecatching and brillinat.

But we’re not here to study color theory. Well, not entirely at least. In this card, we see a bird, skeletal, holding a book. He sits atop three red skulls, from which stems have sprouted.

Wands represent action. Commonly, Wands are assocaited with fire, but I always feel like Wands more closely coincide with wind. That’s the cool part about reading intuitively; you can assign meaning to cards besides the historical meaning to give your readings a deeper connection to yourself and your experience. Threes commonly refer to growth or relationships.

In the White Book included, we are told that the Three of Wands is a push of positive energy towards new goals, new business ventures, new relatuonships, as well as a reminded that we hold our destinies in our own hands and do not need ti rely on others to further our goals. (Honestly, this White Book has so much amazing content besides just giving the cards meaning!)

We can take away from this that today is a good day to push towards our goals or to forge new friendships. And considering today is Sunday, and the beginning of the week, for the Western world at least, today is a good day to start our week right and strive to make our lives better; whether that means working on your start-up, starting a difficult project, or making a new friend in time for the holiday season.

Hopefully, you can take something away from this card today. If not, hopefuly I can pull a card that resonates with you soon! Leave a comment about how you feel like tou can seize the day today so to speak, or if you feel something else about this card.

I’m also going to start keeping track down here about all the cards I’ve drawn so far, and when I finally draw all of them… well, I’ll figure that out when we get. Maybe a giveaway or something? Tell me what you want to see!

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  • Three of Wands

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