Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 20, 2020

Mabon is right around the corner this week, with it following Halloween! I’m going to do a post this week about all the witch’s holidays and Wicca.

But on to today’s card!

Today’s card is the Four of Swords. One detail I love about this card is the nails in the coffin; we’ve already seen the Seven of Swords, where the figure inside the coffin returns.

Fours represent stability and structure. Swords are thoughts and mentalities.

What we can see in the card, however, is that we are not building or growing, we are putting something to rest.

We can take this several ways; we can be putting an old mentality to rest, so to speak, or we can be letting ourselves rest after using our big brains too much. What I find odd, however, is the aspect of death that comes in this rest. Even in the Rider-Waite deck, it shows a man prone in a church, ready for his wake (maybe? that’s the only reason I can see being unconscicous in a church.)

Maybe it is that we need to lay the old parts of ourselves to rest, or maybe it that is is it time to let the past lie when this card comes up. For today, I’m going to take away that it is the perfect time to let go of that which no longer serves us; not only is it a new moon, and the cusp of fall, but it is the beginning of a new week and that means now is a great time to let go and move forward into the rest of this week and this year.

So far we’ve made it through 13 cards! That’s about 16.7% so we’ve got a little ways to go, but we’re making great progress!

  • Four of Swords
  • Seven of Pentacles
  • One of Swords
  • Seven of Swords
  • Judgement
  • Two of Cups
  • The Tower
  • Ten of Pentacles
  • Six of Swords
  • Four of Pentacles
  • Strength
  • Three of Wands
  • Two of Swords

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