Tarot 101: Bonding with your deck

When you’re new to Tarot, you’re probably thinking about how you can learn to read Tarot. But before you can start slinging cards for your friends, you have to learn about your deck! And I don’t just mean reading the books and such.

Each deck has its own vibe; you know how your perfectly fine remote control can sometimes act up of its own accord or your car sometimes doesn’t like to start right away on rainy days? Things like that? Well, your deck is the same way; it has it’s own energies and vibes and you have to learn how to deal with them.

So bond your deck to learn how to cope with your deck giving you attitude! But how do you bond with your deck? How do you learn to deal with your deck giving you grief about everything?

Spend some quality time with your deck!

Drawing every day

Drawing every day is a great way to learn about your deck by being able to spend some one-on-one time with every card. With everyone having a crazy busy life to begin with, a daily draw is a great way to take a couple of minutes to yourself to learn about the deck.

Shuffling and sorting every day

One of the ways to also get a vibe for your deck is just shuffling your deck and getting a feel for the cards themselves. Not only will you get more used to the size and feel of the cards themselves, it’ll help you get a vibe for any cards that seem ‘jumpy’. These are cards that keep wanting to pop out of the deck during shuffling. Sometimes these cards have special meanings for you.

After you’ve spent enough time shuffling or if you’re finished for the day, I like to sort the cards back into order. It’s a nice way to wrap up your own feelings from the reading and draw the energy to a close. It also keeps the energies from a reading from sticking around in the deck.

Charging your cards in light

Charging your cards in the light can help them absorb some energy they need to sass you properly. Everyone talks about the full moon for a reason! Leaving your deck under the full moon is a good way to charge your deck with energy without letting your deck get faded in the sunlight. However a little sunlight never hurt anyone! Leaving your deck for a few minutes under the sunlight to get some valuable solar energy is a good way to clear old energies from the deck and keep it fresh.

Talking to your deck

This one seems like a no-brainer, but also a little strange. When you’re first learning about your deck and first learning to draw cards, even your own readings, you’re going to struggle with setting an intention or using your intuition to read the cards. When you’re first starting out, don’t be afraid to verbally ask your questions to your deck. It’ll help you get comfortable with asking questions of your deck as well as how the deck likes to interpret your questions.

You need to bond with your deck every time you get a new deck. Don’t be afraid to try to bond with your deck and get to know your deck. Don’t be afraid to sit there shuffling for hours and hours because you want to get comfortable just holding the deck. Don’t worry about just sassing your deck back because it gave you three reversed cards even though you know none of the cards had been reversed.

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