Daily Tarot Draw: OCt. 10, 2020

I know it seems like I never post and that’s because sometimes I just don’t have the time! While I may be able to carve a good 10-15 minutes out of my mornings to draw a card, doesn’t mean I have the resulting 30 or so minutes after that to write a whole post about it! (And if I hear the advice of get up earlier one more time I’m shoving a broomstick in a place most people do not want it). But that’s life sometimes! We can strive to be perfect all we want, but all we will be at the end of the day is the best we could’ve been for that day.

Now onto our card of the day!

We are just getting hit left and right with these Major Arcana cards!

The Lovers are one of the easiest Major Arcana cards to read at first glance, along with Strength and The Tower. Unlike some cards with much deeper meanings (looking at you, Death, The Devil, and literally anything else Major Arcana), just by looking at the card you know it represents a couple.

The Lovers represent, well, love, companionship, as well as choices. Within Tarot, many of the cards depicting anything in two, such as all of the Twos, represent choices of some kind. Where the minor arcana can be used to divine what kind of choices you may have to make, like finances, actions, or just a decision in general, The Lovers are above that; the choice The Lovers represent may be very much a Robert Frost type of choice; two paths diverge and you must take one, but you can only take the one. (And if you actually read deep into that particular poem, you will understand that both paths are equal in result, but different)

But today, I’m reading this as love and relationships. I know this past week I’ve been neglectful of my relationships with my family and friends and I should take the time today to rekindle and reconnect. I know I’ve also been particularly difficult to deal with on my live-in mechanic/significant other, so I’m going to go out of my way today to make his favorite dinner since I haven’t been a very good housemate/significant other lately.

Take some time today and call your mom, hug your love a little tighter, play with your kids (furry or human) a little longer. I forget too often that a lot of people care about me and I forget to show them love back because I’m still uncomfortable sharing emotion freely. So do just the little things today to show you know they love you and you love them back.

So far we’ve pulled all these cards:

CupsPentaclesSwordsWandsMajor Arcana
ThreeThe Lovers
The Star
The Tower

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