Daily Tarot Draw: Nov. 4, 2020

I am on the edge of my seat for the results of the election and this anxiety is killing me! I just want to know what the future holds.

Today’s card, more fitting than yesterday’s card, is the One of Wands.

This is the start of a new cycle of actions. If anything, this is a good card, showing that change is coming. Maybe it’s personal change, developing a new habit or starting a new hobby.

Not to use Tarot for unintended purposes, but I feel this card is a good indicator for the future; while Tarot is for guidance only, I feel that we can be hopeful about the future, even knowing that we are on the edge of a precipice.

I know we are all waiting with bated breath, and I am ready for what the future holds. We can do anything if we stand together and fight for a better future. While at this moment, there is still a chance for the future to go either way, we can still make the future we want to see; one where we can appreciate the environment and help our communities and live happy, full lives without fear of scarcity or poverty.

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