Daily Tarot Draw: February 6th, 2021

I’ve missed you all so much! The last few months have absolutely killed me and I finally have control of my sleep schedule now! I’m so excited to be getting more than a few hours of sleep a day and having a more consistent work schedule. For now.

We still haven’t made it through our deck, but thank you for sticking around in spite of my life’s ups and downs. Hopefully as the next few months play out, we’ll get through this deck and then hopefully the next deck too! (This is honestly just an excuse to keep buying a bunch of decks)

Today’s card is the Ten of Swords. This is a great card for us today; it’s the end of of the cycle of thoughts. We’ve hit the calendar new year, we’ve hit witchy new year, it’s time for us to really begin a new train of thought.

Maybe this means learning how to stop negative self talk, maybe this means learning how to stop negative habits, or maybe even just stopping negative practices in your life. Putting aside how last year was, and how this year has started, it’s okay to start your own new chapter in your book.

Get the closure you need to stop doubting yourself, to stop talking down to yourself. I myself have had a lot of trouble the last year about negative self-talk. I know some of my negative self-talk has come from a place where I feel inadequate and like I’m not living up to my true potential. But I think this is a good time of year to stop talking to myself like that and remember that, last year was not a good measure of progress for anyone considering that last year was plagued by injustice and, well, actual plague.

Let’s forgive ourselves for the thoughts we’ve had and focus on making new ones as the year is fresh and we have a lot of time to make new mistakes and learn new lessons.

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