Daily Tarot Draw: February 11, 2021

Today we are looking at the moon in Aquarius, and the new moon peaks tonight! For all of you with plans tonight, don’t forget and don’t forget to get your moon water all ready.

Today is the Ten of Wands. I think this card is very fitting as we move into the peak of the new moon tonight. Tens are the completion of the cycle and Wands represent actions. We are at the end of our cycle of previous actions.

Today, let’s let go of the actions that no longer serve us. Something I know I have been negligent of is showing gratitude in all things. I think today is a good day for me to let go of not being mindful and grateful for all that has brought me to this point in life.

Maybe today is a good day to let go of a bad habit, or to let go of even a neutral habit. Maybe we have a neutral habit like drinking just enough water to get by, but not be fully hydrated, or using our phones in bed; something not entirely detrimental but not serving us in any way. Let’s let go of some habits and start building new ones.

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