Witchcraft 101: Angel Numbers

Oh my dear witchlings, how I simply detest Angel Numbers.

Where do I start?

I feel that Angel numbers are simply a scam. Angel numbers are a construct for our digital modern world to find meaning in the meaningless. We fond these numbers written in clocks, on signs, in emails and messages. All man made constructs.

Maybe I feel that Angel numbers are a thing because I grew up in an area where the local taxi company’s number was just 7s, making it easier for drunk folk to get a ride home (before Uber existed, I’m not that old I promise). Seeing something like, I don’t think I can put my faith in Angel numbers. I can’t connect with Angel numbers.

But I’m still going go through what they mean so you have a good idea of what they can mean for you. Witchcraft is about finding what works in your practice. I know some witches swear by Angel numbers, making wishes on 11:11 and such. For me, my heart just doesn’t have connection to Angel Numbers.


One repeating is a sign of intuition. It’s a sign to keep doing what you’re doing as this is the right path.


2 repeating is a sign that you are exactly where you need to be. Focus on what you want and trust in yourself.


3 repeating is a sign of equilibrium. When this comes up, it is time to focus on body, mind, and soul, and to be sure each is being taken care of properly.


4 repeating is a sign that you are protected by your guides, and to take care in protecting yourself in your environment and your mind.


5 repeating is a sign of change. This number is commonly used in written manifestation to help bring about change.


6 repeating is a sign to stop and reevaluate. This number has been corrupted by Christianity as a sign of the devil, but in different contexts things can mean different things. This number, when observing angel numbers is harmless and is a number for self-evaluation and self-monitoring. However, this is one of those narratives that we will most likely not change in our lifetime, like the black cat issue.


7 repeating is a sign of strength. It is a sign of releasing fear and looking towards the future with hope.


8 repeating is a sign of balance and harmony. If you see this sign, you are connected well to yourself and to the universe.


9 repeating is a sign that your journey is coming to an end, and it is time to let go. When journeys end, we must be ready to leave what was brought on the journey and become ready to start the next.

You might disagree with me and think Angel numbers are amazing. And I’m not here to tell you they aren’t. I’m hear to say that I can’t connect with them, but I’m giving you the information to make your own decisions about whether this is something you want to include in your practice.

Maybe you agree with me that Angel numbers aren’t anything special. But let’s not go after others that want to use this form of practice. We’re better than that. We can say we don’t like them, but we shouldn’t discourage others from doing what is best for them.

It’s kind of like vegetables; some people love Brussel sprouts and some people hate them. But if you like them you shouldn’t force them on people who hate them and if you hate them you shouldn’t force that on someone else who likes them.

Note: this logic does not apply to something regarding basic human rights, such as gender, sexuality, access to medical care, or the pursuit of a long, safe, healthy, happy life.

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