Daily Tarot Draw: Sept. 6, 2020

Read about how the Three of Wands is the card to represent today and your journey through it.

Witchcraft 101: Starting out…

Are you a little witchling, much like myself, who is ready to jump into the deep end? You’ve done a bunch of reading, followed a bunch of accounts across social media, you’ve saved a bunch of memes and such. You are so ready for this. But you don’t know where to even start. Sure, you … Read moreWitchcraft 101: Starting out…

Witchcraft 101: Do’s and Don’t’s of love spells

Today is the day for all things love, lust, and romantic. But what they don’t talk about for Valentine’s day, is the requests for love spells. And you know the ones we’re talking about; the Hollywood movie magic where with a special incantation(in Latin, obviously) the one you desire will be utterly obsessed with you. … Read moreWitchcraft 101: Do’s and Don’t’s of love spells

Witch 101: Finding your passion/direction/gift…

Some of the time I’ve been taking off, while away from school and my blog, I’ve been revisiting some of my old hobbies and new loves. So for all my baby witches, myself included, how do you know when you’ve found your… focus, direction, gift? I know when you start out as a witch, you … Read moreWitch 101: Finding your passion/direction/gift…

Daily Draw November 11th

Another Monday! With every day winter gets closer, as well as Thanksgiving (and my personal retail hell of Black Friday). As the world gets closer to the winter solstice and the new year, we should all be thinking about what we want to change in our lives and how we can start changing, day by … Read moreDaily Draw November 11th

Daily Draw November 8th

Man, we’re already a week into this month! Before I know it, the year will be over and I still have some much left to do! QUEEN OF SWORDS! I love this card! I love the queen cards in general; a strong female leader, each with her own strengths and values… Who doesn’t love a … Read moreDaily Draw November 8th

Daily Draw November 2nd

Today, for those who are in a part of the world that is not North, Central, or South America, today is Dia de los Muertos. Growing up in a region of the US where it’s not uncommon to see or hear about Dia do los Muertos, it makes the spooky season stretch just a little … Read moreDaily Draw November 2nd

Daily Tarot Reading November 1st

To showcase my absolutely beautiful deck, I’m going to start doing a daily Tarot draw. Once I get my camera set up properly, I’ll start posting little daily videos of the draw. Until then… This deck is Santa Muerte by Fabio Listrani. It looks like today’s draw is going to be the 9 of Swords … Read moreDaily Tarot Reading November 1st

Intro to Witchcraft: balancing science and witchcraft….

Are you just starting out in witchcraft and freaking out about how science fits into all of it? Are you worried that you’ll have to give up your belief in evolution and physics just to fit in with all the other witches? I struggled myself with this; as a biological science major in school, with … Read moreIntro to Witchcraft: balancing science and witchcraft….