Daily Tarot Draw: Oct. 23, 2020

This month is just flying by. I swear it seems like just yesterday was the start of the month and now we’re on the cusp of Halloween and the blue moon! And I have a Halloween party on Sunday to finish preparing for!

But let’s try to get back into the groove of Tarot and looking at this absolutely lovely cards!

Today is the Five of Wands. Wands are one of those suits we haven’t seen a whole lot of so it’s nice that it’s finally popping back up!

Fives are change or conflict. Wands represent actions.

While the literal translation might be that there will be change in actions, or a conflict, I think the imagery is more telling. We watch a figure lighting matches, but he’s running out in his matchbox. it kind of has the vibe of him almost gleefully wasting his chances. By striking a match that has no purpose, it takes away the chance for the match to be used for what it’s intended. It feels like a foreboding card, warning you against wasting chances that you think will be there in the future.

Maybe that’s just me being a little cynical, but I think we should be wary today of the chances we take thinking that we’ll be able to restart. While you are always able to restart your life at any time, some chances only come around once, like finding your life partner, nailing your dream job, or stumbling across a chance to make new family or friends. While you can always take a chance on another car, another job, another class, another meal, somethings you should take care in the fact that they only come around once and you should cherish those chances, whether taken or lost for the opportunity it gave you.

We’ve pulled a lot of cards now, but we’re no where near the middle of the deck! Luckily that means we have a lot of time left to learn something together from this deck.

CupsPentaclesSwordsWandsMajor Arcana
The Wheel of Fortune
The Lovers
The Star
The Tower

Stay tuned for more! Follow me on Instagram for updates (you know, the ones that don’t need a whole ass blog update) @the_drunken_witch . Go sign up on the Giveaway page so you’re ready when we do get to the end of this deck to win a whole Tarot kit put together by yours truly!

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