Daily Tarot Draw: Oct. 24, 2020

I’m so excited for tomorrow I can barely contain myself! Some of my friends even want me to read Tarot for them and I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better witchy coming out than what I got! I love my friends so much!

But we’re not here about tomorrow, we’re here about today! So let’s get into it.

Today’s card is the Seven of Cups.

Sevens are understanding and faith. Cups are emotions. At first glance, this card makes me want to say ‘Choices, choices galore!’ but something we should all work on is finding the calmest reaction sometimes. We jump headlong into most things and say the first thing we can decide on, but part of growing your intuition is trusting it and letting it speak instead of your heart or mind.

And my intuition is telling me this card is about honoring your past. To me, this chest of cups reminds me of the fancy china cabinet my grandmother has, where she has her nice wedding dishes, her mother’s nice dishes, some random centerpieces collected through the years from aunts and friends and gag gifts. But these cups are dredging up those faint memories of my grandmother asking us to get the nice dishes out for Christmas dinner, and on the days we would polish the silver for her arthritic hands and she would recount stories of her youth and her mother and her aunts.

Now, these memories are wonderful and nostalgic and fill you with that feeling of knowing who you are and where you’ve come from, even if I groaned internally through them as a child.

The veil is the thinnest right now, as we head into those festivals that honor the dead, like Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos. So honor your past and remember that even if it was hard and bad and you wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else, it is what has brought you here today, where you can learn from those lessons and become something besides the product of your environment. Honor those who came before you and fought to be here, honor those who gave you love, and honor those that came before you.

Make an altar space today, or create an ancestor altar space where you can give offerings to your ancestors that have brought you to this point. Or take the time to just say thanks to those who have given you the support you needed, like your friends, your family, your mentors and teachers.

We’re getting through this deck and hopefully, baring the inevitable repeat cards we’ll see near the end, we’ll get to see the end before the new years? There’s only around 50 or cards left we haven’t seen so it should go fairly quick!

CupsPentaclesSwordsWandsMajor Arcana
The Wheel of Fortune
The Lover
The Star
The Tower

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